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The Book Cave: Enter At Your Own Risk

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder,PulpFest on June 28, 2012 @ 2:19 pm

Recently I was interviewed by Ric Croxton and Art Sippo, co-hosts of the popular Book Cave podcast, which caters to fans of genre fiction, comic books, and other pop-culture storytelling forms. Every year around this time they graciously allow me to plug PulpFest as well as upcoming issues of Blood ‘n’ Thunder and other Murania Press books. Our conversation has just been posted, and while I can’t honestly say I was at the top of my game during the recording session (which was interrupted when my elderly neighbor needed emergency aid) I think it covers all the bases.

22 thoughts on “The Book Cave: Enter At Your Own Risk

  1. Very nice, Ed. Recently I’ve been receiving your posts and notices on Pulp Magazine Authors and Literature Fans, and I have been enjoying them. Continue doing critical histories of early forms of popular entertainment like your two part piece on cliff hanger melodramas which influence early film serials. In my introduction to The Big Book of Black Mask I do a brief history of genre fiction publishing in America starting with the newspaper and subscription distribution of Poe and Dickens prior to the Civil War, and moving on to Penny Dreadful dime novels, and finally the invention of the pulp fiction magazine. We need more article like yours, and mine, and you have a talent for telling history. Best as always, Keith

  2. I just listened to the interview, Ed. Very nice. For Ginger and me, this is also an anniversary year, the 30th anniversary since we started ECHOES in June 1982. Although we’ve been in Pulp Fandom since BRONZE SHADOWS, we’re still enjoying the fun.

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