• Adventure House
    The leading pulp dealer and reprint publisher in the USA.
  • Heartwood Auctions
    Operated by one of the country’s most prominent collectors; lots of vintage magazines for sale.
  • Mike Chomko Books
    Long-time seller of pulp-related reprints, fanzines and reference books.
  • Vintage Library
    This site offers practically one-stop shopping for collectors of pulp reprints, reference books, and related products.
  • Vintage Pulps
    Always a great assortment of collectable pulp magazines for sale here.


  • PulpFest
    The summer’s big event for pulp fans and collectors.
  • Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention
    Every spring, collectors of pulps and vintage paper items gather in Chicago for this terrific confab.
  • Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contest
    This writing competition helps discover new authors and artists and launch their careers. Past winners have gone on to publish 1,150 novels and over 4,500 short stories, with nearly 100 new science fiction books released over the last year.


  • Adventure House
    The leading pulp dealer and reprint publisher in the USA.
  • Age of Aces Books
    Pulp reprint publisher specializing in aviation stories and great design. In addition to heroes like Philip Strange, Captain Combat and the Red Falcon, Age of Aces has also released beautiful volumes of earth-bound favorites Sheridan Doome and The Spider!
  • Altus Press
    Prolific, indefatigable Matt Moring publishes some of the handsomest pulp-fiction collections available.
  • Armchair Fiction
    Reprints of classic horror and science fiction, most of it from the pulp era.
  • Black Dog Books
    Tom Roberts specializes in reprinting early pulp fiction from such highly regarded pulps as ADVENTURE.


  • Coming Attractions
    Bill Thom’s site is the pulp community’s premier source for news and product updates.
  • Field Guide to Wild American Pulp Artists
    Son of a prominent pulp illustrator himself, David Saunders has uncovered gobs of info on his dad’s contemporaries.
  • MagazineArt.Org
    A fantastic repository of beautiful pulp-cover images, many of them painstakingly restored and enhanced.
  • Mystery*File
    Steve Lewis edits this terrific blog, primarily devoted to mysteries and thrillers but with occasional digressions on other genres.
  • ThePulp.Net
    Another invaluable resource, this link-heavy site directs fans to pulp-related pages all over the web.