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Blood ‘n’ Thunder 2024 Special Edition

Blood ‘n’ Thunder‘s annual book-length issue for 2024 packs nearly 100,000 words of pulp- and pop-culture history into 276 pages. As always, our in-depth articles combine rigorous scholarship with fannish enthusiasm, exploring the world of vintage adventure, mystery, and melodrama in pulp magazines and other storytelling mediums. In this issue novelist Will Murray weighs in […]


The Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction: 2024 Edition

The top-selling, best-reviewed title in Murania Press history is now available in a newly revised and expanded 2024 edition! With nearly 3000 copies in print, sold in 23 countries, The Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction has been acclaimed one of the foremost (the foremost, in the opinion of some) reference books covering the […]


Blood ‘n’ Thunder 2023 Special Edition

Blood ‘n’ Thunder, the award-winning journal of vintage adventure, mystery, and melodrama, enters its third decade with a book-length barnburner of pulp and pop-culture scholarship! The all-star contributor lineup includes the late Robert Sampson (with a previously unpublished essay on gangster pulps) and Ron Goulart (on his personal relationship with legendary crime-fiction writer Cornell Woolrich), […]


Mistress of Death and Desire

Murania Press introduces its second collection of gruesome horror-pulp stories reprinted from magazines originally published in the late 1930s by Martin Goodman, who would shortly establish what became the Marvel Comics empire. Bearing his “Red Circle” trademark, Mystery Tales, Uncanny Tales, Marvel Tales, and Real Mystery were transgressive in the extreme, shattering the boundaries of good taste […]


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