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Special Murania Press Sale At PulpFest: 20% Off All Books, New And Old!

Posted in Conventions,Murania Press,PulpFest on July 27, 2012 @ 6:19 pm

PulpFest is coming up fast now: The convention begins just two weeks from today. We’ve packed the dealers room — in fact, we’re still getting requests for tables — and registrations are on a par with last year’s record-breaking total. Moreover, if previous years are any guide, our 2012 show will have a sizable number of first-timers…relative newbies to the hobby.

With this in mind, I have decided to offer — at PulpFest, while supplies last, and only for the duration of the show — a 20 percent discount on all Murania Press books, past and present. This offer does not extend to issues of Blood ‘n’ Thunder, mind you, just such Murania books as The Best of Blood ‘n’ Thunder, Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s Cliffhanger Classics, and the Classic Pulp Reprints line: Gordon Young’s Savages, J. Allan Dunn’s Barehanded Castaways, and A. M. Chisholm’s Pirates of the Pines. And while The Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Collecting Pulps is technically out of print, I have reclaimed a few more copies from one of our dealers. So I’ll have that one on hand in Columbus as well.

For those of you whose math skills are a little rusty, the $19.95 books will be discounted to $16.00, and the $24.95 books to $20.00. I’ve rounded off the discount prices to avoid having to weigh myself down with nickels and pennies.

I realize all too well that money is tight and PulpFest attendees might not be able to afford all the books they’d like to buy at the convention. Those of us on the committee are grateful that these folks are supporting us in our first year at a new and more expensive venue, and I felt that offering a discount was the least I could do to say thanks. But remember, this is not an extended sale or a permanent price reduction; the 20 percent discount extends only for the duration of the con.

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