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Slight Delay in Our Release of the “Forgotten Classics” Collection

We had expected to release our ten-volume “Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction” collection by now, but a few niggling glitches remain to be addressed on some of the books. Nothing major, mind you, just nuts-and-bolts corrections involving ISBN numbers and copyright declarations, along with technical adjustments related to the color illustrations on a number of covers. The corrections themselves will not be difficult or time-consuming, but making them means we have to resubmit our digital files to the printer for processing and acceptance, a procedure that can take several days.

It was our original intent to make the ten volumes available simultaneously, but rather than hold up the entire group we’ll release the unaffected books over the coming days and then add the others one by one as they’re approved for printing. Hopefully all ten will be ready for ordering as a set by this time next week.  Keep watching this blog for the individual announcements.

Meanwhile, to further whet your appetite, here are three more covers from the series. For illustrations we’re using original pulp-magazine paintings that depict events or vignettes in sync thematically with each book’s theme. The Elixir of Hate cover, however, features the Virgil Finlay painting that adorned the 1942 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries in which England’s novel was first reprinted.






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