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Permanent Price Reduction for “Forgotten Classics” 10-book set

Posted in Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction,Murania Press on August 26, 2019 @ 9:47 pm

You’ll recall that we launched the “Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction” series in June with a special promotion. Each book carried a $15.95 price tag with the complete set retailing for $120 postpaid. But for the opening weekend we offered all ten volumes at $100 postpaid to domestic buyers. That brief sale was more successful than we anticipated, with nearly 30 sets ordered in less than 48 hours.

Four weeks ago, in anticipation of the upcoming PulpFest in Pittsburgh, we announced that the $100 sale price would be honored at the convention. We sold four complete sets at the show and delivered a fifth that had been ordered by one attendee just before he left home for the confab. Several conventioneers who weren’t prepared to buy the set at PulpFest asked if we were likely to offer the $100 deal again, perhaps as part of a year-end holiday sale.

Clearly, $100 is the magic number for this ten-book collection. Therefore, beginning today, we are permanently reducing the complete-set price accordingly. Individual volumes in the series will continue to retail for $15.95 postpaid.


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