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Now, THIS Is A Fan Letter….

Posted in Murania Press,Upcoming Books on September 27, 2012 @ 4:48 pm

It’s always great to get feedback from readers of Murania Press publications, although much of it comes in the form of terse e-mails or brief notes accompanying subscription renewals (“Keep up the good work” . . . “Loved the last issue”).  But every now and then I get a hum-dinger of a letter. One such came in today’s mail from Chatsworth, California’s John Carver, commenting on the first issue of Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s Western Movie Roundup:

Superbly written, endlessly fascinating, beautifully produced — the preceding is not, I repeat not, hyperbole, but bedrock, unassailable fact. Congratulations.

As a result of the above-mentioned characteristics, how could anyone resist the urge to happily hurl forty bucks at you for a one-year subscription? Ancient, moss-grown, mildewed, senescent wreck that I am, if I hadn’t already packed my valises in dreaded anticipation of meeting my maker or his out-sourced first lieutenant, Lucifer, I’d be taking out a more-extensive subscription. But what slack-jawed dunce ever said that life was fair?

Here’s a nit to pick: not all of your readers (id est, me) have computers, or even want them (my television set is steam-powered). As I begged [Western Clippings editor/publisher] Boyd Magers recently, please help the dwindling but brave little band of stalwarts who are merely literate but who nevertheless want to lay their arthritic old claws on the goodies featured in your otherwise admirable magazine: be a hero to the digitally disenfranchised and please make sure that your ads and reviews also include either a telephone number and/or an actual real postal address.

Again, thanks for the dazzingly-done publication. I look forward to the next issue salivarously. Until then — Keep thy foot out of brothels, thy name off lenders’ books, thy hand out of ladies’ plackets, and defy the Foul Fiend.

Hat tip to Mr. Carver for the most entertaining feedback I’ve had in a long while. He’ll be glad to know that the second issue of Western Movie Roundup is already in the works and should be ready some time next month.

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  1. Hey Ed,
    Now that’s what a call a great letter. Think I enjoyed it almost as much as you, and I have nothing at stake here. Maybe Mr Carver couldadd a column of some type to future issues.
    Al Stone

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