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Note To BNT Subscribers

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder,Murania Press on June 13, 2014 @ 3:31 pm

It’s been brought to my attention that some Blood ‘n’ Thunder subscribers have not yet received their copies of the recent triple issue.  It took a while to figure out what the problem was, but now I know.

Over the last several months my new volunteer Kevin has not only been helping me catch up on back orders but revamping the subscriber database as well.  Somewhere along the line one of us accidentally transferred the entries for 30 current subscribers — a full page of names and addresses — to the list of those whose subscriptions had lapsed with the previous issue.  Kevin has now returned those entries in the database of active subscribers and will be ordering up additional copies of the triple issue next week.  So if you haven’t received the latest BnT yet, don’t despair; it’s coming!

Attending to the back-order situation and revamping the subscriber database has taken longer than anticipated, and it didn’t help that my bookkeeping during this last tumultuous year left a great deal to be desired.  Moreover, I honestly didn’t expect the flood of orders that came in during this year’s Memorial Day Weekend sale.  We’re still fulfilling those, although as of today there are only a handful yet to ship.  Your continued patience is very much appreciated, believe me.

Moving forward, I expect things to go much more smoothly.  Kevin helps out three afternoons each week, and you can address subscriber and back-order inquiries to him at muraniapress@yahoo.com.

This year’s PulpFest is coming up fast, and I’ll soon have news about Murania’s upcoming books planned for debut at the Columbus confab.

17 thoughts on “Note To BNT Subscribers

  1. Ed

    I did not recieve Blood ‘n’ Thunder 41 from you. I got it from Mike Chomko, but it cost me $12.50.

    Don Davidson
    908 W Argyle St, Apt 308
    Chicago, Il 60640

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