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Murania’s First Year-End Sale!

Posted in Murania Press on December 18, 2012 @ 2:15 pm

For these last two weeks of December only, all Murania Press publications — Blood ‘n’ Thunder, Western Movie Roundup, the Classic Pulp Reprints series, and our other books — are being made available at reduced prices. Every item in our catalog has been marked down at least 20 percent for this special year-end sale (some are closer to 25 percent off), and I’ve already adjusted each individual listing to reflect the discount. Sale prices include domestic shipping only; international customers still have to inquire first about mailing rates to their countries.

The discount does not apply to new or renewed subscriptions to Blood ‘n’ Thunder or Western Movie Roundup, which still cost $40.00 per year.

This is a great opportunity to catch up on those back issues you may have missed, or to get started on the Classic Pulp Reprints series. You can also use this sale to grab copies of our top sellers, The Best of Blood ‘n’ Thunder and Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s Cliffhanger Classics.

The sale prices apply only to Murania Press publications purchased from this web site. Remember, you’ve got until 11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Eve to place your orders; on January 1, 2013 all items revert to their suggested list prices with the small surcharge for shipping.

14 thoughts on “Murania’s First Year-End Sale!

  1. Dear Ed. While surfing Amazon a few weeks ago I stumbled across your excellent magazine. I immediately purchased the last 11 issues, from 22/23 to 34, plus the Cliffhanger Classics and The Best of Blood ‘N’ Thunder collections. They arrived a few days ago and I wondered if you have anymore back issues for sale?

    I met you briefly at Lone Pine in 2009 after I gave the opening night presentation on the evolution of the film serial and serials produced at Lone Pine. I have published a number of books on national cinemas and genres. My most recent book was ‘Historical Dictionary of Crime Films’ (Scarecrow, 2012 and Encyclopedia of Film Noir, Greenwood, 2007) and a chapter on Joseph H. Lewis in the edited collection “Film Noir Directors’ by Alain Silver and James Ursini. I have had a passionate interest in the film serial since reading Alan Barbour’s ‘Days of Thrills and Adventure’ many years ago and I am an avid collector. A couple of years ago a few like-minded people like myself in Australia made a documentary on Australian born Hollywood actor, writer, producer and director J.P. McGowan and his wife Helen Holmes. It was screened on national television and although it had a few flaws (notably the decision by the producer to change the title from The Railroad Man to Stunt Love) it did celebrate their contribution to the film serial and film series (‘The Hazards of Helen). I am currently preparing another book but if you are interested I would be more than happy early next year to write a piece for your magazine on McGowan and Holmes as I collected a large amount of information on them for the documentary.
    All the best – and I Iook forward to the next issue of Blood ‘N’ thunder

    Geoff Mayer
    La Trobe University

    • Hi Geoff–I have a large collection of film noir and crime films on dvd and I buy many of the books that discuss these films. I refer often to your ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM NOIR.

      I already the HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF FILM NOIR and I was wondering if your new book on crime covers alot of the same ground or if there is a big difference in coverage, etc. I need to know because of the price of the crime book. Thanks.

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