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Murania Press Sale at the Upcoming Windy City Pulp/Paper Expo

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder,Conventions,Murania Press on March 29, 2013 @ 3:13 pm

The 2013 Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention begins just two weeks from today, and it promises to be a real barn-burner of a show. Murania Press will be on hand with a broad selection of publications, including recent issues of Blood ‘n’ Thunder (including the latest, our Winter/Spring double), all four volumes in the Classic Pulp Reprints series, and both volumes of The Best of Blood ‘n’ Thunder.

We’re offering Windy City attendees some special deals on product they purchase at the show. Anyone buying both Best of Blood ‘n’ Thunder volumes will get the pair for $40, which represents 20 percent off the list price. Anyone pre-ordering The Island, the upcoming Murania Press edition of J. Allan Dunn’s sequel to Barehanded Castaways (currently our best seller in the Classic Pulp Reprints series), can get both books for $30 postpaid. And anyone who subscribes to Blood ‘n’ Thunder for the first time at the convention will be entitled to a 20 percent discount off any Murania Press books purchased on the spot. These deals are good only as long as supplies last, and only for the duration of the Windy City convention.

Look forward to seeing some of you in Chicago. If you’re a current Blood ‘n’ Thunder subscriber, make sure you stop by our table and pick up your copy of the latest issue. If not, stop by anyway and introduce yourself. If you go away empty-handed it won’t be for lack of effort on our part!

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