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Labor Day Weekend Sale: Both Volumes of CLIFFHANGER CLASSICS

Posted in Serials,Special Sale on August 31, 2017 @ 8:40 pm

Beginning at midnight tonight (Thursday, August 31st) and for the next four days, you can purchase both volumes of Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s Cliffhanger Classics for $39.95, with shipping included to buyers in the continental United States. That’s a discount of 20 percent, as each book normally sells for $24.95. (Buyers in Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign countries can still get both volumes at the sale price but must contact me to inquire about the cost of mailing.) Volume One has been in our catalog for several years; Volume Two was released late last month. Several reviews have already been posted to Amazon’s listing for Volume Two, and we’re happy to report that they unanimously rate the book five stars!

Reviewer “Tal Chotali” writes: “The world of movie serials has a wonderful historian in Ed Hulse. . . . His chapter on the making of one of the best Republic serials, Spy Smasher, alone is worth the price of the book. Very few people have had the opportunity to seriously interview the stars, directors, producers, and crew who worked in this genre, and Ed Hulse’s interviews are a model for anyone that seeks to be an accurate chronicler.”

Rich B. says, “This is not a puff piece or coffee-table book. It’s a meticulously researched series of essays on a number of movie serials. Anyone interested in film and film production will find this book rewarding with its detailed production history and first-hand anecdotes of the serials that are discussed.”

Mark headlines his review, “The best historian on movie serials does it again.”  He goes on to say, “Well written and full of original research, this is another great book by Ed Hulse. It focuses on several important serials and provides quite a bit of behind-the-scenes detail.”

We’re extremely flattered and grateful for such glowing notices, which match those posted for the first volume of Cliffhanger Classics.

We frequently offer a holiday-weekend sale of some kind, and those of you who might be new to the award-winning Blood ‘n’ Thunder and its satellite publications from Murania Press are invited to take advantage of this special deal — provided, of course, you’re interested in movie serials to begin with.

Head on over to our Books section to find a special page set up just for this weekend’s two-book deal. It’ll be taken down at midnight on Monday and both volumes will revert to their standard price of $24.95 each.


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