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It’s Now Easier to Start or Renew Your BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER Subscription

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder on June 11, 2012 @ 9:43 pm

As some of you know, the Murania Press site was in development quite a while, with work conducted in fits and starts. Chris Kalb came up with the basic design for what began as a Blood ‘n’ Thunder site, but after launching the “Classic Pulp Reprints” line last year I decided to put all my publications under the Murania umbrella. Chris and I made several major changes and ironed out numerous glitches before actually getting the site up and running a couple weeks ago.

I guess we were bound to miss something, and some of our earliest visitors picked up on it. Great site, one told me by e-mail, but where do you sign up for a subscription? Within four days of going on line I’d received a handful of similarly worded comments. So this weekend I finally asked Chris to add a Subscribe link to the Shopping Cart feature, which he did today. You can find it at the bottom of the Blood ‘n’ Thunder page. Or, if you’re really lazy, you can click here.

As the blurb says, it actually does pay to subscribe rather than buy issues one at a time. Single-copy price is $11.95, and I have to add two bucks more for shipping. At fourteen bucks per, you’re paying $56.00 for the full yearly complement of four issues. If you subscribe, you get all four for $40.00 — and that includes shipping. Ten bucks an issue versus fourteen. It should be a no-brainer.

Now is a particularly good time to re-up or subscribe for the first time. The upcoming Summer 2012 number is our jumbo-sized Tenth Anniversary Special. It will be half again as large as the average issue (which runs 110 pages, give or take a couple) and bear a single-copy price of $14.95. The extra weight will increase the cost of shipping to nearly three dollars. But to subscribers it’ll be just another issue, worth the same ten bucks out of forty you pay for a year’s worth.

The Tenth Anniversary Special — about which you’ll be reading more in weeks to come — debuts at this year’s PulpFest. By renewing or subscribing for the first time now, you won’t risk missing it at the bargain price.

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