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Holiday Season Bargains Now Available!

Posted in Murania Press,Special Sale,Uncategorized on November 15, 2019 @ 4:34 pm

We’re beginning the 2019 holiday season a little early, and this year we’re doing things a little differently.

Previously we’ve offered discounts across the board, usually 20 percent off each book. This year we’re offering special sales on groups of books, and the amount of the discount for each group will vary. Last week we collected our four books and two monographs devoted to cliffhanger movie serials, pricing all six items at $79.95—a savings of $50 for the entire package, with shipping thrown in for domestic purchasers as always. This group is available in our Books section as “Serial Spectacular.”

Today we’re unveiling a separate sale for the four-volume set of Blood ‘n’ Thunder Presents, our well-received series of oversized books covering different aspects of pulp-fiction history. Now you can buy the quartet for just $69.95 (again, shipping included within the continental U.S.), which represents a savings of 30 percent. In other words, it’s like getting one of the four books free and receiving a five-spot in addition.

For information on the quartet’s contents, please consult each volume’s page in our Books section.

We’re urging customers to take advantage of these sales quickly, because seasonal demand generally translates to longer wait times from our printer as Christmas draws closer. Ordering early ensures faster receipt of merchandise, which is why we’re not waiting for Thanksgiving weekend, as we’ve done in the past.







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