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Happy New Year!

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder,Murania Press on January 2, 2015 @ 3:46 pm

To those who follow Murania Press: Please accept my best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015.  I know last year was a difficult one for many of you, and it’s no secret that 2014 was unexpectedly challenging for me as well.  Funny how that happens just when you think everything is under control.

Be that as it may, I plan to get Murania Press back on track again this year.  Revamping the subscriber database and order-fulfillment process has proved more difficult than originally expected, despite the yeoman work of my assistant Kevin.  The two of us finally evolved a practical approach to working together, but despite our best efforts some orders fell between the cracks.  And creating the new database resulted in a number of subscribers accidentally being dropped from the list, which meant they didn’t get issues of Blood ‘n’ Thunder in a timely fashion.  Additionally, there was more than a little confusion between Kevin and I about who had done what; at times each thought the other had responded to individual requests from frustrated customers.  In fact, we still have a few unresolved problems along those lines, but most have now been addressed and 2015 fulfillment should proceed on a much smoother basis.  Scratch that: It will proceed on a much smoother basis.

To check the status of orders and subscriptions please address your inquiries to Kevin at muraniapress@yahoo.com.

In the coming year I plan to spend more time promoting Murania Press products and updating this blog.  Initially I posted several items per week, some of them quite extensive, but that schedule became untenable as other commitments made increasing demands on my time.  I expect to post more frequently here in 2015, even if some of my contributions are limited to brief reviews, announcements, or observations.

Meanwhile, I offer heartfelt thanks and best wishes to those of you who have supported Blood ‘n’ Thunder and Murania Press over the last couple years of diminished activity.

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