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Coming Soon: The Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction, Second Series!

Posted in Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction,Murania Press on September 27, 2019 @ 4:31 pm

Murania Press is proud to announce that, owing to the success of its recent “Forgotten Classics of Pulp Fiction” reprint line, a second series of ten books will be published soon. We expect to have the next ten volumes ready early next year; stay tuned for a firm release date.

As with the first series, released this past summer, individual books will be priced at $15.95 (postage included in the U.S.) but the entire set will sell for $100.

Like the earlier “Forgotten Classics” volumes, this second set offers considerable variety as to tone, genre, setting, and time period. In coming weeks we will have more to say about the new additions, but for now here are the titles, listed alphabetically by author:

1. H. Bedford-Jones, Blood, Amber and Jade. Action and intrigue in the Far East with Jim Hanecy, dealer in rare Oriental jewels and artifacts, and his daring associates.

2. Max Brand, The Sword Lover. The overlooked but excellent second novel by this specialist in Westerns is a swashbuckling adventure yarn set in 18th-century England.

3. J. Allan Dunn, The Island. The sequel to Barehanded Castaways is a rousing adventure in its own right and an eminently worthy continuation of Dunn’s original narrative.

4. Clarence E. Mulford, Black Buttes. Almost certainly this author’s best novel not featuring Hopalong Cassidy. Its protagonist spends years combing the West for his sister’s despoiler and becomes involved in a frontier murder mystery.

5. Roy Norton, The Glyphs. After deciphering ancient Mayan hieroglyphs, an eccentric archeologist, a soldier of fortune, and an English sportsman head to Nicaragua in search of a lost city that houses tremendous wealth.

6. Randall Parrish, The Strange Case of Cavendish. A baffling mystery that begins with murder in New York City and the victim’s disappearance, with the only clues directing an intrepid female reporter to the contemporary West.

7. Perley Poore Sheehan, The Copper Princess. The mummy of an ancient Peruvian princess is scientifically revived in early 20th-century New York, and her resuscitation has terrifying ramifications for a curious antropologist.

8. Francis Stevens, Serapion. Combining elements of fantasy, science fiction, and psychological horror, this spine-chilling tale chronicles the efforts of a malevolent spirit to dominate a weak man and his hapless associates.

9. Edgar Wallace, Blind Men. Mysterious events, culminating in murder, seem to have their origins in and around the London headquarters of a charity for the blind. Original pulp-magazine version of a novel later revised and published in book form (and brought to the screen) as Dark Eyes of London.

10. Gordon Young, Hurricane Williams’ Vengeance. The best of this author’s Hurricane Williams novels, a South Seas adventure with an unforgettable climax.



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    • The covers will utilize the same design, but the top strip will have a different color to denote that this is another series. But this group of books will also be numbered 1 to 10, alphabetically by author: Bedford-Jones, Brand, and so on.

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