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Coming Soon, Classic Pulp Reprints #5: THE ISLAND, J. Allan Dunn’s Exciting Sequel To BAREHANDED CASTAWAYS

Posted in Murania Press,Upcoming Books on February 22, 2013 @ 3:54 pm

By popular demand, Murania Press in April will release The Island, J. Allan Dunn’s 1922 sequel to Barehanded Castaways, arguably his finest work of pulp fiction. Our trade-paper edition of Castaways, first published in a 1920 issue of the pulp magazine Adventure, has been the top-selling title in Murania’s Classic Pulp Reprints series, and appreciative buyers have been clamoring for Dunn’s follow-up — which, like its predecessor, never appeared in book form.

The sequel originally saw print in Adventure‘s October 30, 1922 issue. It continued the adventures of the first novel’s surviving characters and took several unexpected turns, thanks to Dunn’s skillful plotting. While not quite the sensation that Barehanded Castaways was, The Island amply satisfied Adventure readers interested in learning what had happened to the castaways following the events described so vividly in the original story.

The novel’s text has been scanned and is ready for proofreading. We’re now searching for a vintage illustration that will make a suitable cover.

We’re hopeful that finished copies of The Island will be available in time the upcoming Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention, but if not they’ll certainly be ready for shipping by the end of April. Like Barehanded Castaways, Murania’s trade-paperback edition of The Island will carry a retail price of $19.95.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this sequel for awhile now, as I liked the original story. You keep advertising that it should have been out in April on this website, but I have still yet to see it available. Do you know when this will be published?


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