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Posted in Collectibles For Sale on June 24, 2016 @ 4:47 pm

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated the Collectibles for Sale section, but I’ve just added some 30 hardcover books — vintage first editions of classic pulp stories such as Donovan’s Brain, Lest Darkness Fall, The Shadow Laughs, Darkness and Dawn, The Man of Bronze, and The Girl in the Golden Atom — along with a selection of highly desirable SF, mystery, and adventure novels. Some of these books are quite rare and all are priced to sell. Where possible I’ve matched them to other copies available on the net in comparable condition, and then significantly undercut those prices.

Unfortunately, several recent problems with international shipments have persuaded me to discontinue selling collectables to foreign buyers, which is regrettable but necessary. I will, of course, continue to sell Blood ‘n’ Thunder and Murania Press books internationally.

I’d also ask you to read carefully the item descriptions. From time to time I accept returns from buyers who let their haste get in the way of their judgment and bought books or magazines without the due diligence of learning exactly what it was they were buying. It’s always aggravating to issue refunds on this basis and I’d like to minimize such risks in the future.

Meanwhile, happy hunting!

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