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BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER Policy Change

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder,Murania Press,Special Sale on September 4, 2015 @ 4:41 pm

As of today Blood ‘n’ Thunder‘s subscription policy is changing to reflect a decision I recently came to. BnT will cease publication as a periodical next year with issue #50, scheduled for Fall 2016. Since launching the zine in 2002 I’ve done a pretty lousy job of adhering to its stated quarterly schedule anyway, and as various aspects of my life have changed in recent years, BnT must change along with them.

Therefore, those whose subscriptions expire with the just-published #45 will be offered a renewal price of $50 for the remaining five issues to come. This will provide more than the subscriber’s customary 20-percent savings inasmuch as #50 will be a jumbo-sized magazine with a cover price of $19.95 or more. (I’m already thinking about the last issue’s contents, because I expect to go out with a bang.) The five-for-$50 deal will also extend to those who decide to subscribe for the first time before issue #46—Fall 2015—is published this coming November. At that time I will stop offering subscriptions and the last few issues will be available only on a single-copy basis at the cover price of $12.50 postpaid. So if you want the discount enjoyed by subscribers, this is your last opportunity to get it. I’ve just revised the site’s Subscription page to conform with this change of policy.

The cessation of publishing on a quarterly basis (more or less) doesn’t mean Blood ‘n’ Thunder is going away. It will continue as a series of irregularly published books—each running to 200 pages or more—that will include collections of essays grouped by theme. My plan is to publish at least two of these per year, timed for release in Spring at the Windy City convention and in Summer at PulpFest. There might be a third volume each year, depending upon my schedule. Of course, I’ll continue to publish the Classic Pulp Reprints series and other Murania Press books.

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  1. While I’m sorry to see BnT the magazine go away, I can understand and I am looking forward to the publications you do in the future. AND this means that the back issues of BnT will be that more valuable as collector’s items. 🙂

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