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BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER Back-Issue Availability

Posted in Blood 'n' Thunder,Murania Press on December 4, 2017 @ 8:08 pm

Here’s a heads-up for readers and collectors of Blood ‘n’ Thunder:

Individual back issues will be removed from the Murania Press catalog on December 31st. Therefore, if your set is incomplete, the time to bring it up to date is now.

Numbers 22 through 50 are being reconfigured for sale as “omnibus” volumes that will combine three issues for an approximate length of 300 pages each. The omnibus books will sport newly designed covers but otherwise present each issue’s contents exactly as originally published, minus out-of-date advertisements. They will be priced at $29.95 and become available in January 2018.

The first 21 issues of BnT — printed on letter-sized paper and side-stapled, pamphlet style — remain out of print, although most of their contents were reprinted in the two Best of Blood ‘n’ Thunder volumes that are still available on this site. At some point we might reconfigure those too for sale in an omnibus-volume format, but the digital files were prepared with now-obsolete software, so we’d have technical hurdles to overcome first.

If you’d like to get individual back issues delivered in time for Christmas, you should place your orders before Friday, December 8th, as after that date our printer won’t guarantee delivery by December 22nd.

One thought on “BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER Back-Issue Availability

  1. Ed: I would like to purchase Pulppurri,
    2014/2015 Special Edition, and Fall 2016 (I assume the last issue of Blood “n” Thunder)

    I assume the discount applies to all three title. Please send me a note for the amount and I will send a check.

    My new address is: Nelson W. Black
    558 Madison St., Napa, CA 94559

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