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Posted in Special Sale on December 5, 2018 @ 5:04 pm

Hey, gang, I’ve just discovered that Amazon is currently selling copies of The Art of the Pulps, which I co-edited with Doug Ellis and the late Bob Weinberg, for just $21.51 — about 40 percent of its original $49.99 suggested retail price. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get it in two days with free shipping. This is a wholesale price, and was roughly what Doug and I paid for extra copies we purchased upon the book’s publication. I don’t think brand-new copies will ever sell any cheaper, so if you’re looking to buy a Christmas present for yourself and don’t already have AotP, now’s the time. I just bought a couple more copies for my own files!

One thought on “ART OF THE PULPS on sale!

  1. Thoroughly enjoying “Behind the Mask” and “Those Sexy Serial Queens!” They arrived safe and sound. Originally, I thought I’d be buying some of these ‘in person’ at the Baltimore show, but fate seemed determined to halt my plans to attend, right up to the last minute.

    Love the photos in “Serial Queens,” the vast majority I’ve never seen, including one I adore of Iris Meredith! Didn’t know Marguerite Chapman was somewhat bitter about reminded of “Spy Smasher.” A shame. I once brought up “Smilin’ Jack” with Marjorie Lord, and she seemed to give me a bit of an unhappy glare… which only got worse when I tried to switch gears and ask her about working with Wheeler and Woolsey. Yeah, I should have known better.

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