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2/1/19: Customer Service Update

Posted in Murania Press on February 1, 2019 @ 2:31 pm

We’re happy to report that, finally, our lead time for order fulfillment is shrinking. It’s not quite what it is a year ago and before, but the average order is now being printed and shipped in a week or so (as opposed to the two weeks or more that was common in the last several months). That means most of you can count on receiving your books in about ten days from date of order, sometimes less.

Your continued patience is very much appreciated because, as we’ve stated here previously, the efficacy of our business model—such as it is—relies on a certain number of books purchased at this site, in addition to those sold by Amazon and the various resellers who carry Murania Press product. We make a higher margin of profit on orders placed here, and every dollar counts.

The takeover of our printer by Kindle Direct Publishing has been extremely trying (as it’s been for other small-press publishers serving our niche), but things seem to be improving slowly but surely.

Thanks for sticking with us during this difficult transition.

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