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Barehanded Castaways

Written in 1921 and published in the legendary pulp magazine ADVENTURE, it’s the suspenseful story of nine men stranded on an island without tools, weapons, or supplies—not even so much as a watch or penknife among them. Dunn’s compelling account of their desperate struggle to survive in inhospitable surroundings enthralled ADVENTURE readers and is still regarded as the finest story of its kind.

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A white man who shuns his own kind in favor of Tongan and Samoan natives, he’s the skipper of a speedy schooner known as the terror of the South Seas. Tanned and bearded, with steely gray eyes and a well-muscled frame, he is naturally taciturn but always has the aspect of a leopard about to spring. He’s been accused of piracy, smuggling, blackbirding, and whisky-running, but nobody really knows exactly who or what Hurricane Williams is.

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The Best of Blood ‘n’ Thunder

This 340-page book collects the finest articles and reviews that appeared in Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s long-out-of-print first ten issues—over 125,000 words of history, biography, and commentary, impeccably researched and lovingly presented by devotees for devotees. It’s a one-volume encyclopedia for aficionados of vintage adventure, mystery and melodrama.

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