Serial Spectacular!

By Ed Hulse

This special sale combines all six Murania Press books by Ed Hulse that cover vintage motion-picture serials: the two-volume history of silent chapter plays, Distressed Damsels and Masked Marauders and Handsome Heroes and Vicious Villains; two collections of serial-history essays, Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s Cliffhanger Classics and Blood ‘n’ Thunder’s Cliffhanger Classics, Volume Two; a monograph on the making of Republic’s two Lone Ranger serials, Behind the Mask; and a book-length portfolio of cheesecake, swimsuit, and leg-art photos featuring chapter-play leading ladies, Those Sexy Serial Queens.

If purchased one at a time, these six books cost a total of $130. For a limited time only (and we do mean limited), you can buy the entire sextet for just $89.95 — which includes shipping to domestic U.S. customers. This is a discount of 30 percent. For more detailed descriptions of each book’s contents, just click on the “Books” tab at the left and scroll through our catalog for its individual listing.

Take advantage of this sale right away, because it won’t be around very long.

Price: $89.95